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As a new play development collective, we have the unique opportunity to work with artists at different stages of their development timelines. In order to accommodate individual needs, we aim to provide resources for any projects at any stage. For projects that have already completed a developmental workshop, we can provide the opportunity to present a public staged reading at no cost. 

While developmental workshops focus more on structure and content, staged readings are designed to help the playwright see the transition from page to stage. We aim to discover how putting a play on its feet can shape, and hopefully improve, a playwright's developmental process. 

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First Annual BLOOM New 10-Minute Play Festival

Join us as we host six playwrights in presenting staged readings of their newest 10-Minute plays, all created over the course of one-month. You'll laugh, maybe cry, and probably laugh some more!


Past Staged Readings

Directed by Maeve Kelley Baker

Dramaturgy by Allyson Broyles


Yan-Carlos Diaz as Ophelia/Natalie Wood

Catherine Luckenbach as Narcissus/Stage Manager/Special K

DROWNED DIVAS by Dylan Gurerra

Does Shakespeare suffocate you like a fish out of water? Do you need glamour more than a Floridian politician needs to get Hooked on Phonics? Hamlet’s Ophelia and Hollywood’s Natalie Wood have news to share from beyond their watery graves. With new love for a dreamy man ~Narcissus~ and a new outlook on (after)life, will these women leave you gagged or just gagging? As the Bible said, pretty hurts…and it hurts so good in this post-mortality drag diptych inspired by countless hours of unbiased, academic research (none of which was done on Wikipedia or X). Drowned Divas puts history to bed and tackles the age-old questions: Was my MFA worth anything? Will I be a star, or will I eat day-old ramen out of a spaghetti-stained plastic Tupperware for dinner...again? And why on earth do men suck harder than the RNC party bottom?

DROWNED DIVAS was presented as a reading with Daisy Theatricals on April 15th, 2024

Directed by Phoebe Brooks

Produced by Joey Nasta

Stage Managed and Assistant Directed by Lauren Linsey

THE FANTASTICAL SEVEN: A Sword & Sorcery & Steampunk Spoof by Andrew Agress

THE FANTASTICAL SEVEN tells the story of a magical heroine destined to save the planet... until she fails and it's up to her ragtag fellowship of misfit friends to aid her. Spoofing fantasy works and satirizing the myth of the individual, the show engages the entire audience. Saving the world isn't a job for just one person, after all. 

THE FANTASTICAL SEVEN was presented as a reading with Daisy Theatricals on August 24th, 2023.

Directed by Randall Simmons

Dramaturgy by Allyson Broyles


Jean Gordon as Ameri/Hotshot

Erik Conover as Monahan

Julen Barini-Brown as Wallace

Conor Andrew Hall as Brown

Derrick Peterson as Marshall/Big Ernie

Nik Pagán as Debraska

WILDFIRE by Dakota Silvey

WILDFIRE is a harrowing tale about a squad of firefighters on the doorstep of the largest fire of their lives. With the looming threat of death before them, they explore past traumas, generational prowess, expired ideals of masculinity, and new ideals of femininity in a profession that primarily relies upon outdated traditions under the guise of austerity.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, May 17th 7:30PM-9:30PM.

Watch the recording here!

WILDFIRE was presented as a reading with Talkin' Theatre on October 9th, 2022.